Natural cosmetic product Massada Massada 012 Biocellular regenerating serum 630 px 630 pxBiocellular regenerating serumBiocellular regenerating serumTrue

Biocellular regenerating serum


This concentrate serum restores the skin by stimulating collagen synthesis and elastin. It reduces signs of cellular oxidation and achieves firmer and more hydrated tissues by enhancing the appearance of tired and devitalised skins. Reduces blemishes and evens out skin tone.

Main ingredients

Rosehips, vitamin E, Massada TM Complex.

Method of use

For all skin types. Apply to the face, neck and upper chest by massaging with circular movements until fully absorbed. For mature skins we recommend to add a few drops of this serum before applying the Biocellular Total Regeneration Cream to boost its action. Use the Serum as intensive treatment or throughout the year depending on the needs of the skin.