Natural cosmetic product Massada Massada 810 DNA Nature Multi-Action Supreme Cream 1000 px 1000 pxDNA Nature Multi-Action Supreme CreamDNA Nature Multi-Action Supreme CreamTrue

DNA Nature Multi-Action Supreme Cream


Biotechnology and nature are combined in a formula that is as unprecedented as it is unbeatable. A multi-action cream that contains effective ingredients achieving smooth and rejuvenated skin. The epigenetic action of Pink Radish shoots repairs DNA and your skin is restored thanks to the properties of the most exclusive marine, volcanic ingredient. This exquisite treatment is completed with Bacuri seeds, which stimulate cell metabolism, giving your skin unparalleled youth and beauty.

Main ingredients

Pink Radish, Bacillus Ferment, Star Anise, Bacuri Butter.

Method of use

Apply a sufficient amount of the product on the face, neck and neckline. Spread it uniformly with smooth, circular, upward movements from the centre of the face to the outside. Focus on the areas that need it most. It is advisable to use the recommended serum beforehand.