Natural cosmetic product Massada Massada 350 Invisible pores skin refiner bio facial mask 630 px 630 pxInvisible pores skin refiner bio facial maskInvisible pores skin refiner bio facial maskTrue

Invisible pores skin refiner bio facial mask


An innovative mask with a second skin effect, especially recommended for oily skin with enlarged pores and black heads, and/or skin subjected to high levels of pollution. Its powerful oil free formula based on activated charcoal and polysaccharides derived from natural biotechnology, immediately reduces pores and excess grease, minimises imperfections and protects the skin from urban pollution.

Main ingredients

Activated charcoal and vegetable polysaccharide.

Method of use

Remove the mask from the pouch and unfold it. The mask has a protective film on each side of it. Remove the plastic film and place the mask over the face. Once placed on the face, remove the protective mesh layer. Leave to work for 15 minutes and then remove the mask. Smooth the remaining serum with your fingertips. Apply once a week. Single-use mask.