Natural cosmetic product Massada Massada 352 Prebiotics Skin Claming Bio Facial Mask 1000 px 1000 pxPrebiotics Skin Claming Bio Facial MaskPrebiotics Skin Claming Bio Facial MaskTrue

Prebiotics Skin Claming Bio Facial Mask


Extreme comfort with the Massada second skin effect mask, specially designed to reduce redness, smoothe and quench the most sensitive of skins.

Marine prebiotics balance the facial flora, which acts as a defence barrier for the skin. The floral Massada extracts purify this wonderful moisturising balm, providing a pleasant sensation of well-being.

Main ingredients

Marine prebiotic, calendula, camomile, lavender.

Method of use

Remove the mask from the packet and unfold it. The mask has a protective film on each side of it. Remove the smooth film and place the mask over the face. Once placed on the face, remove the protective mesh layer. Leave to work for 15 minutes and then remove the mask. Smooth the remaining serum with your fingertips. Single-use mask.