Ingredients and main active ingredients


Massada carefully selects all of the natural and mineral primary materials used in the manufacture of products and prepares the magistral formulas based on an understanding of each active ingredient and its actions on the skin. The high quality of these primary materials gives the products differential qualities, resulting in highly effective treatments.

The secret of Massada cosmetics is the blending of biotechnology, authenticity and environmental sustainability.

Biotechnology makes it possible to use active vegetable ingredients in high concentrations, starting with ingredients present in nature which are treated by biological systems using technological engineering. As an example, Massada uses ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, curcuma longa and Jania Rubens in its exclusive formulas.

Authenticity is a hallmark of all of the extracts, which are prepared using artisan methods in Massada's own laboratory. To this end, almost one hundred plants have been carefully studied in order to select the essential elements of each one of these (leaves, stems, roots, fruits or seeds). This has made it possible to create over 150 extracts which guarantee the optimum concentration of active ingredients in formulas and thus enable the development of multiple cosmetic functions for bringing out a healthy, youthful and beautiful skin.

Environmental sustainability is reflected in Massada's commitment to the earth: the company promotes the conservation of natural resources while at the same time fostering progress in human development through caring for the environment around us. One example of this can be seen in the selection of Massada ingredients, such as Pentaclethra macroloba oil from the Amazon, ensuring the conservation of flora in that region.

In addition to ingredients of this kind, Massada adds vegetable butters and oils to its formulas, as well as essential oils which lend products a unique aroma. Discover the long list of ingredients that Massada products contain: Search our natural cosmetics 

Biotechnology: Cultivation of Jania Rubens in bioreactors.