Natural cosmetics


Massada’s natural cosmetic range is devoted to your skin's needs, to its health, beauty and wellbeing, and to respecting the natural environment that we live in and that in turn provides us with life.

All of the formulas contain a high concentration of natural ingredients of vegetable and mineral origin. The extracts are prepared from the highest-quality plants and minerals using processes that have been approved by Ecocert, in this way preserving the active ingredients in their purest state. These painstakingly produced extracts are an essential part of all of the cosmetics because they represent  the soul of Massada products.

The synergistic mix of plant extracts, vitamins, Dead Sea salts and muds, BIO essential oils and floral waters creates a versatile and multi-sensory cosmetic product for the maintenance, regeneration and biostimulation of the skin and the prolongation of its youth.

Massada’s membership of the Ecoembes organisation enables us to care for the environment. We use recycling to transform our packaging into new primary materials.

As nature enters the heart of Massada, each and every one of its elements is worked with care so that nature's life force bursts forth in every product that customers receive.

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