The rich beds of Andean lakes, the most delicate flowers from the fields of Provence or the choicest fruits from the lush Amazon forest are, among others, the lifeblood and inspiration of Massada products. Massada The Natural Therapy is nature in its purest form.

Massada is a new concept in the world of beauty and personal care. Tradition and innovation are brought together in a unique working method, in exclusive natural products which are created in our laboratory based on the best of what nature has to offer.

Massada unites nature and science, using its high-quality natural and mineral cosmetic products to even out deficiencies and awaken the senses. Massada cosmetics combine the most cutting-edge organic biotechnology with the company’s own extraction of natural active ingredients taken from the flowers, leaves and roots of plants originating from Japan, Chile, Senegal, France, Jordan, Tunisia and more.

Discovering the pleasure of the the aromas and the tactile nature of the textures is made possible by the exquisite mixture of primary materials used – plant extracts, vitamins, Dead Sea salts and muds, BIO essential oils and floral waters – with high concentrations of active ingredients, such as biotechnology, snowdrop, Myristica fragrans, pearls, colloidal gold and Eastern mushrooms.

A healthy, strong and beautiful skin is a reflection of the wellbeing of the body and the relaxation of the mind. Massada makes this possible through its high-quality natural and mineral cosmetics which even out imbalances and awaken the senses.