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The perfect nourishment for your skin

An extraordinary treatment which combats the 5 symptoms of ageing as a result of the similarity between the composition of caviar and young epidermal cells and the high concentration of fatty acids and amino acids. Provides essential nutrients, boosts the natural renovation process, restores the skin's vitality and helps to reduce wrinkles and other signs of ageing. The perfect solution for skin suffering from a lack of nutrition and signs of dullness, tiredness or premature ageing.

Who is it recommended for?

From 45 years onwards, for skin with highly visible wrinkles which suffers from a lack of nourishment and comfort.

First session

Acts as a facial cure for prematurely ageing skin.

Natural active ingredients

Pure caviar extract, wheat germ, soya lecithin, mineral salts, centella asiatica, horsetail.

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