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Minceur intensive

Accelerates the destruction of accumulated fat

Fat accumulation and cellulite give rise to a large number of aesthetic and health issues. This increases the risk of vascular, circulatory or endocrine problems. Increased adiposity is a clear indicator that something is not working properly in our body: this could be due to genetics, a lack of physical activity and, above all, an unhealthy diet. 

Massada has developed a triple-action lipolytic treatment which accelerates the destruction of accumulated fat nodules, prevents the creation of new fat deposits and reduces the orange peel effect.


Who is it recommended for?

For anyone suffering from an accumulation of fat. Especially formulated to combat fibrous and hypertrophic cellulite, weight gain and/or obesity.

Natural active ingredients

Myrica Cerifera, Juniper, Caffeine, Green Tea, Ruscus, Dead Sea Salts, Rosemary, Juniper Essential Oil, Cinnamon Essential Oil.

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