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Pearl perfection

Envelops skin in a halo of youthful brightness.

Envelop your skin in a halo of youthful brightness thanks to the action of amino acid-rich freshwater cultured pearl powder. A hydrating, invigorating, restorative and protective treatment. Accelerates the skin's renewal without irritating it or causing photosensitivity, resulting in a smooth, soft and elastic skin. Its exclusive active ingredients reversibly paralyse the muscular contractions causing wrinkles and expression lines. The “flash” effect is the natural and reversible topical alternative to botulinum toxin

Who is it recommended for?

From 28 years onwards or following the evaluation of the skin by an aesthetic professional.

First session

Perfect for displaying a bright and radiant skin at weddings or special occasions.

Natural active ingredients

Pearl powder, Yogurt powder, Wild red berries, Hexapeptide, Silica, Liquid gold.

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