Lift & sculpt perfect body lotion

PRESENTATION: 200 ml / CODE: 095

Regain your body’s firmness and youth. Melting and fast absorbing lotion, capable of redefining your silhouette and toning your body.  The combination of Jania Rubens coralline algae and sustained-release silicium with the power of hyaluronic acid and exclusive Massada extracts, such as orange blossom, make intelligent toning a real possibility.
Discover how the Lift & Sculpt formula, which is highly effective against flaccidity, has a toning, lipolytic and draining triple effect, helping to sculpt your figure and return the natural elasticity and beauty to your skin. 

Main ingredients

Hyaluronic Acid, Jania Rubens, sustained-release silicium, orange blossom extract.

Method of use

For daily use, apply in the morning and/or evening over the whole body, focusing on the areas where it is required most. For best results, apply after a shower or bath.