Value chain: R+D+I


Massada invests in research, creating its own Research, Development and Innovation department made up of professionals from the biochemical and pharmaceutical fields. The R+D+I department is in charge of the development of new cosmetic products created to meet skin's every need. Continuous study and the ceaseless  search for primary materials with which to innovate and improve products make the development of creative and innovative cosmetic products possible. 


In its formulations Massada uses the highest-quality ingredients originating from organic biotechnology and the company's own natural and sustainable extraction to provide clients with visible results.  The activity of the extracts is studied in prestigious universities, making it possible to create the optimum concentration of each extract in the products.

In addition to a minute analysis of the composition of each formula, the research, development and innovation department works hand-in-hand with clinical and in vitro evaluation centres to ensure the safety and effectiveness of its cosmetic products, with the goal of providing clients with the best product on the market in this field.