Body Line

Anticellulite Coffee Therapy

An anti-cellulite range that locally activates lipolisys, diuresis and thermogenesis. It has diuretic, stimulating and vasodilating effects. They act as carriers in apparatology.

Algae reducer

Specifically created to reduce volume, to activate diuresis and to improve circulation.  Effectively fights against edematous cellulite and liquids. Improves circulation and filtering in legs. Not to be used by those with thyroid problems.  

Minceur intensive

The Massada Minceur Intensive results have revealed clear advances in this line of treatment. They have triple actions which speed up the destruction of accumulating lumps of fat, reduce orange peel skin and provide anti-cellulite powers. All thanks to the new formula which is based on myrica cerifera and other active natural ingredients. These all offer high long and short term efficiency.

Reaffirming Line

Preventive treatment which provides intense firmness. Day after day your skin will be smoother and softer. The body will recover its shape, and the skin its softness and flexibility. It tones and re-vitalises the tissues. 

Lymphodraining Line

Treatment indicated for all those suffering from circulation problems, liquid retention, edematous cellulite, venodilation, tiredness and leg cramping. It helps to improve circulation, to avoid venodilation and to re-mineralise the skin and tissues. It purifies and disintoxicates the lymph and reduces volume. 

Bust beauty

Supreme bust beauty treatment. Immediate firming effect. It effectively preserves the tone and firmness of the “natural bra”, lifting up the breasts. Its dual moisturising and reaffirming action provides strength in order to maintain the youth of the chest. Its active ingredients provide increased volume to the breasts and enhance bust beauty.

Therapeutic personal care

A therapeutic range which boasts the properties of the sea mineral salts and mud. Can be used for all kinds of muscular and joint pains and for rheumatoid problems. Great thermal stimulating and soothing powers.

Body hidratation and regeneration

Aloe vera, shea butter, rosehip and lavender all have a perfect body to them with rich textures that soothe and intensely regenerate the epidermis. Helps the skin regain its softness and firmness and allows it to regain its smooth and silky appearance.

Body and face exfoliation

Refines and softens the skin, removing impurities and dead cells. An indispensable treatment to be applied before any other kind of body treatment, as it encourages absorption and the effectiveness of the other products. Makes skin more resistant, firm and soft to the touch.

Lifting Hyaluronic Acid

Massada has developed the Lifting Hyaluronic Acid range which, through combining natural active ingredients with high concentrations of Hyaluronic Acid, fills in the interfibral spaces in collagen causing a “molecular sponge” effect, thus retaining water and keeping the area hydrated. In addition, the synthesis of collagen and elastane is stimulated in an effective and cumulative way, achieving firmer, younger and silkier skin. The high concentration Hyaluronic Acid range reduces sagging skin, increases the skin’s firmness and maintains cellular hydration.