Facial Antiaging


Neluhm is much more than a single active component. Made up of natural activators, it succeeds in providing the skin with rich nutrients which are essential for the cells to work successfully. These nutrients act as substrates in endomodulation processes, which along with vitamins, co-enzymes and trace elements, allow the body to prepare the necessary substances required at any given moment. Consequentially the skin looks healthier, more elastic, stronger and more resistant. Side effects such as allergies and intolerances are also reduced. Intelligent Massada Cosmetics can be a great ally for helping to fight against aging, dilapidated and lifeless skin in a very unique fashion.

Pearl Perfection

The Pearl Perfection Line provides luminosity, moisture and youth to the skin, providing a solution for aging. For all skin types which begin to reveal expression-wrinkles and sagging. Wrinkles are reduced up to 32% improving skin elasticity.  

Pearl powder gives brightness to the skin

Lifting Hyaluronic Acid

Massada has developed the Lifting Hyaluronic Acid range which, through combining natural active ingredients with high concentrations of Hyaluronic Acid, fills in the interfibral spaces in collagen causing a “molecular sponge” effect, thus retaining water and keeping the area hydrated. In addition, the synthesis of collagen and elastane is stimulated in an effective and cumulative way, achieving firmer, younger and silkier skin. The high concentration Hyaluronic Acid range reduces sagging skin, increases the skin’s firmness and maintains cellular hydration.

Massada Biocellular

An integral skin treatment especially designed for fighting signs of cellular aging. It combines the most sophisticated natural active ingredients with the Massada TM Complex in order to achieve a visibly younger, more energised and deeply hydrated look. The Massada Biocellular Line products are ECOCERT approved. This is the Maximum Guarantee for Natural and Ecological Cosmetics.


Massada draws out Caviar benefits and luxuries so that they reach out to all skin types, keeping the skin young, smooth and radiant. This line is high in proteins, rich in liposoluble vitamins, phospholipids, fatty acids and anti-oxidising vitamins. Caviar slows down ageing and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Additionally, it reduces the depth of existing wrinkles, allowing the skin to regain its glow, softness and life.