Immaculate Skin

Created for skin with intensive hydration needs, that lacks elasticity and firmness due to the natural ageing process or extreme exposure to adverse external factors.

The Massmed Anti-aging Immaculate Skin range prevents the signs of ageing, whilst immediately and deeply treating the skin. It is formulated with concentrated, highly effective, natural active ingredients such as proteins, amino acids, trace elements, hyaluronic acid and biocompatible nutrients. These ingredients are involved in vital body processes which enable the skin to rejuvenate itself so you can maintain healthy, attractive skin from within.

It diminishes wrinkles and provides firmness, elasticity and hydration, achieving natural, immediate results.

Vital Prevention

Protective and preventive treatments intended for those skin types that seek to restore their youthful appearance. The Massmed Vital Prevention range prevents and reduces wrinkles, giving skin the necessary nutrients and active ingredients to keep it hydrated, beautiful and healthy. Discover how its effective and innovative formulas prevent the passage of time from leaving its mark, naturally prolonging and maintaining the face’s youth and health.

DNA Nature

Designed for deep action and with maximum effectiveness on skins showing the signs of ageing.  The MASSMED DNA NATURE multi-action range acts in the cellular nucleus repairing DNA and stimulating cellular metabolism thanks to the epigenetic action of its innovative formula. As a result, it prevents and replenishes wrinkles and gives the skin a smoother and more youthful appearance.