Specific Facial Treatments


Softer skin that glows with more harmonious tones. Massada Whitening works to minimise the appearance of marks and irregular pigmentations, while at the same time moisturising and providing the skin with a healthier appearance. Its exclusive formula and new age active ingredients fight against marks caused by aging, or the sun, without causing damage to melanocytes and without preventing tirosine. Whitening achieves radiant and harmonious skin.  Studies have demonstrated its maximum efficiency when the creams are applied for 8 weeks.

Sensitive Skin

For sensitive skin, and skin prone to irritation.

The soothing and moisturising properties from the Massada Sensitive Skin line are the perfect solution for more delicate skins.

Oily and acne prone skin care

Controls excess oil and balances the acidic mantle of the skin. Regulates skin secretions and oxygenates the tissues. Its anti-inflammatory tissues and bactericides help to remove spots, speed up their disappearance and reduce the redness of any blotching.