Training School


Massada was created to work as effectively as possible and to improve the wellbeing of customers. In order to pass on knowledge about the therapies and their correct application Massada provides a national and international Training School in which beauty professionals are instructed in the technical expertise of the products and their applications in specific types of therapy.

Massada Training School

Together with training in our own protocols, we provide monographic courses covering diagnostics, massage techniques, new product lines, new face and body treatments, diets and nutrition in addition to sales techniques, meaning that professionals’ knowledge can be kept constantly up to date. Massada’s mission is to improve the overall training of professionals in order to guarantee the complete satisfaction of customers treated with Massada products and therapies.

Massada has a complete team of trainers that are dedicated to sharing their experience and knowledge and resolving any queries that may arise. In addition to this, a highly-specialised telephone helpline provides permanent support for any type of technical query about products and treatments.